Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wednesday's Tradition

If you follow Kasey's blog, you know that on Wednesday's my mom (Gabby) gets the girls to spend of some time with them. When I am working, I try to go see them because they always make me smile. These two girls are like my own and they both mean the world to me. Well, this past Wednesday I managed to make it to Mom's. Here are some really sweet pictures of these precious girls.

Hayley being silly

Leighton cheesin'

Mom loves this picture. What a sweet face!

Leighton feeding Gabby

Making funny faces

I love this one of Leighton!!!

Leighton was getting in to the funny faces. I had to help Hayley.

Trying to take a serious picture, but Leighton was still giving the funny face. :)

Leighton singing, "Shake your boodie, shake your boodie."
Playing with Papa

Papa getting Hayley...I don't think Zoe was liking that too much.

4th of July

Yes, I know this post is really late. I would say that I have been really busy, but that would be a lie. For the 4th, we always go to my aunt and uncle's to eat hot dogs and hamburgers. Afterwards, we headed to Mema's (Chad's grandmother) to watch the fireworks by the pond.

As you can tell, Josh wasn't in to taking pictures.

I guess I tasted good.

Friday, July 3, 2009

2nd Annual Girls Day Out

Last year, Monica, Melissa and I made a trip to Orlando to use our FREE Universal and Island of Adventure tickets. We were awarded these tickets for being Florida teachers.

Pictures of last year's trip: We wore sunglasses, our hair was dry and we are smiling.

On the Spiderman ride with our cool new shades. Still dry and smiling.
Let's just say that last year's trip was much more pleasurable. When we planned our trip we had no idea what the weather would be like. After reviewing the forecast we realized that there was a 70% chance of us getting wet due to rain, but we took our chances anyway.

This year's trip: WET, WET, WET!!!

The weather was not looking good.

The Spiderman ride with our cool shades and smiling. $8 ponchos that were well worth the money and nappy hair.

Day two: We went to Wet N Wild where we had a wonderful time. It didn't rain, but we didn't need sunscreen either. It was quite cloudy, but who cared because we were together enjoying our girls day out.

A Weekend at the Lake

Last weekend Josh and I headed to the lake for some much needed R and R. We also took Ali and she loves being at the lake. Whenever I was in the water, she was too. She loved getting on my raft and floating with me. Most of the trip for Josh was spent sleeping because he would get up early and go fishing, then he would fish late in the evenings. I on the other hand, spent most of my time with my nieces, Kaci, Addison and Tymber. (Bruce's girls) Kaci and Addison live in Alabama so we only get to see them several times a year. I thoroughly enjoy playing with these sweet girls. They have grown so much and we miss them dearly.

Mrs. Janie (Josh's mom), Kristi, and Mr. Richard (Josh's dad)...No, he doesn't usually smile like that.


Kaci and Halie fishing...By the way, Ali stole their dogs.


Addison showing off her dive

Halie, Addison, Kaci and Tymber

Addison with Ali. I think if I would have let Addison, she would have taken Ali back home with her to Alabama.

Mrs. Janie bought the girls some Play-Doh and I decided to join in on the fun. They were making all kinds of different animals and I thought that it would be appropriate to make a beautiful sculpture of Ali. I think I did a pretty good job.