Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wednesday's Tradition

If you follow Kasey's blog, you know that on Wednesday's my mom (Gabby) gets the girls to spend of some time with them. When I am working, I try to go see them because they always make me smile. These two girls are like my own and they both mean the world to me. Well, this past Wednesday I managed to make it to Mom's. Here are some really sweet pictures of these precious girls.

Hayley being silly

Leighton cheesin'

Mom loves this picture. What a sweet face!

Leighton feeding Gabby

Making funny faces

I love this one of Leighton!!!

Leighton was getting in to the funny faces. I had to help Hayley.

Trying to take a serious picture, but Leighton was still giving the funny face. :)

Leighton singing, "Shake your boodie, shake your boodie."
Playing with Papa

Papa getting Hayley...I don't think Zoe was liking that too much.


GirlB300 said...

Very cute pics!! And I just love your parents..

Kasey said...

Hilarous! Leighton makes me laugh so hard all the time- she's quite a character.

monica said...


Abbi said...

looks like they have a great time with there aunt!!! cute pics!

Mrs. Hinson said...

I think we need an update on your blog ;) Love you!