Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As I posted earlier, Josh and I went on a marriage retreat with the church. We were assigned a cabin with Nick and Becky Mirando. When finding out that we would be "bunking" with them, we were pretty excited because we knew they would be fun to be with. Well, we didn't realize how fun. Let me explain.

It started out like any morning. Josh was ready and he was waiting on me to finish my hair. Nick and Becky had just left when I was finally done. Walking into the living room, I noticed fingernail clippers and toenails right beside them sitting on the coffee table!

I looked at Josh and said, "That is disgusting! Did Becky see that?" He went on to tell me that she had to have seen it because she walked right past it. I argued with them saying, "There is NO way Becky saw that because if she did she would have made him clean that up!" We finally got in the truck and I kept thinking about how gross that was. I knew I wanted to tell Kristi and Chad, but thought I didn't want them to know that Nick was so "unsanitary".

Later that day, we went out to eat with Kristi, Chad, Bryan and Tara. While at the table, Josh happens to mention what we had found. They all laughed and Kristi said, "Please don't say anymore. I am trying to eat." Well, I went on to say that I wasn't sure if it was toenails because it kind of looked like skin that he had cut off his foot.

I ended up not thinking anything more about it until Becky asked me, "Did you see Nick's toenail clippings?" I was figuring she would say she was sorry and that he lived like a pig, but she began laughing. I then realize that we had been "punked". What looked like toenails were really coconut shavings! I couldn't believe they had pulled one over on us! We laughed for hours about the whole situation. They confessed of some other things they had thought about doing. (Baby Ruth in the jacuzzi, switching people in our house, etc...the list goes on.) They did put a personal lubricant box in the fridge, but we didn't see it, so I guess you could say that planned failed.
All in all, we hope that somehow we can get them back. So Becky and better be ready. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Punch Buggy

A few weeks ago, Josh and I were riding in the car when all of a sudden Josh says, "Punch Buggy" and lightly whops me on the arm. I spotted the red Volts Wagon Bug he was talking about. I then asked, "Where did that come from?" He began telling me that he and the guys play it to and from work everyday. So now, when we ride in the car I am on the lookout for "Punch Buggies". Josh is definitely better at seeing them before me, so I usually lose.

This past weekend, we had a long trip to Tennessee and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to get Josh back for all the "punch buggies" that I had missed. As we were driving, Josh continued to spot all of them on the interstate. I was getting extremely irritated. I wanted to win! Once we got off the interstate, it was mine turn to reek havoc. Josh was too busy talking to Kristi and Chad and I noticed an old car lot FULL of "punch buggies"! I started yelling, "Punch Buggy, Punch Buggy, Punch Buggy" and so on. They were the old ones too, so I got three hits instead of the usual one! I had made my point. I was the queen of the "Punch Buggy" game. Needless to say, Josh didn't want to play on the way home. :)

Marriage Retreat

Josh and I left Thursday for a Marriage Retreat in Tennessee. The first night we stayed with Josh's aunt and uncle in Maryville, TN. Their house sits on the side of a mountain and the view was amazing.

On Friday, we woke up to it being absolutely freezing (8 degrees as a matter of fact). We left my Gatorade in the truck and yes, it froze solid. It ended up being the coldest weather they had seen in a long time.

After leaving Josh's aunt's house, we headed toward Pigeon Forge. Our church had cabins for us and they were very cozy. Nick and Becky Mirando were assigned to the cabin with us. Josh and I had a room complete with a king-sized bed, jacuzzi tub, hot tube and sauna. After having the jacuzzi tub, we decided that it is a must when we one day build our house.

We were hoping for snow while we were there, however it decided to wait until we were leaving. While heading home, it finally started snowing! Of course, we had to take some pictures. Over all we had a wonderful trip and hope to do it again next year!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Much Needed Help

Well, as you know I am very new at blogging. I tried adding a background to my page, but everytime I do, it won't let people comment on my page! I am getting extremely frustrated! I found a background at "The Cutest Blog on the Block", followed the directions, got it on my page, but then it won't let you post a comment. So, I have reverted back to the "classic" page until I get help in figuring out this problem. Thanks in advance for those who help!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Missing the Countdown

For New Years, Josh and I went out the eat with Monica and Melissa. We had such a great time, but decided to cut the night short and head home after eating. By the time we got home, we were both really tired and went to bed. I am not what you call a "Night Owl" and usually find myself dozing off around 9 or 10 o'clock. Needless to say, I didn't see the countdown or the ball drop.

Give It a Try

After being on Myspace and Facebook, I think it is about time I start writing my own blog. I had read many of my friend's blog and think..."Man, I wish I had stuff like that to write about." Well, Josh and I really don't have a ton of interesting things going on in our life, but I might as well write about them when they do happen. I talked to Monica today and told her that she really should start a blog about her kids and that got me thinking that I could too. So thanks to Monica, I am starting this blog and will give it a try. :) Can't you see the excitement on my face about becoming a "blogger"???