Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Marriage Retreat

Josh and I left Thursday for a Marriage Retreat in Tennessee. The first night we stayed with Josh's aunt and uncle in Maryville, TN. Their house sits on the side of a mountain and the view was amazing.

On Friday, we woke up to it being absolutely freezing (8 degrees as a matter of fact). We left my Gatorade in the truck and yes, it froze solid. It ended up being the coldest weather they had seen in a long time.

After leaving Josh's aunt's house, we headed toward Pigeon Forge. Our church had cabins for us and they were very cozy. Nick and Becky Mirando were assigned to the cabin with us. Josh and I had a room complete with a king-sized bed, jacuzzi tub, hot tube and sauna. After having the jacuzzi tub, we decided that it is a must when we one day build our house.

We were hoping for snow while we were there, however it decided to wait until we were leaving. While heading home, it finally started snowing! Of course, we had to take some pictures. Over all we had a wonderful trip and hope to do it again next year!


John said...

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GirlB300 said...

GIRL! You left out some of the best parts! I'll send you a pic or two!

Mrs. Hinson said...

Okay, if I would have read this post first then I would have realized that you went to the marriage retreat and wouldn't have asked in the previous blog comment I left. I'm glad that y'all were able to go and had fun!

TheVanzants said...

Wish we could've gone. Maybe next year when Reese is older :) Glad ya'll had fun!

Kerri said...

Looks like som cold fun!