Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beginner's = Bumps and Bruises

Last week I called Josh on the way home to tell him that I would be there soon. He said that he was riding dirt bikes at Jason's (his cousin) house and to call him when I was almost home. Well, I called as I was getting close and of course he didn't answer. I decided to ride over there since it was just across the pasture. Josh and Jason were having a good ol' time.

Jason was showing off his skills and Josh was learning how to ride. While sitting in the car, I told Jason that I had never rode a dirt bike before. He assured me that he could teach me in five minutes, so I decided to try. I got on the bike and he went over everything from where the break was, to how to use the clutch. I was quite nervous, needless to say. I really didn't want to make a fool of myself and wreak in front of Jason and Josh. With the teaching from Jason, I got started and was extremely wobbly. Realizing quickly that if I went faster I would be much more balanced. I managed to get it into second gear, but never got the courage to try third. While getting more comfortable, I decided to go in this sharp corner of the "course" they had made with piles of dirt. Making the turn, I accidentally turned the throttle on the handle bar and shot up the dirt pile! I began screaming and then suddenly the bike shut off. I was relieved because I would have gone over the dirt pile and who knows how I would have landed!
I will have to say that I am an experienced ATV rider/driver, but when it comes to dirt bikes I will have to put myself in the beginner's class. I did pretty well for my first time and am proud that I didn't wreck too bad, but I can't say the same for Josh. He ended up wrecking trying to ride the bigger, faster bike.

This is me riding a bike that made for the skill level of a 7 year old. Yes, I did get on a bigger bike later.

Here are just a few more pictures that were captured that day.

Josh's nasty bruise from wrecking!

Hanna and Wyatt playing in the dirt pile that I inadvertently tried to climb.

Austin with WAY more skills than me!


The Libby's said...

Girl you are way braver than me! I would have never even attemped it!

Kasey said...

The picture of you on the little bike reminds me of the bear in the circus on the little tiny bicycle. HaHa Just Joking!